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Welcome to my GTA page! I've got various GTA related things, such as maps, downloads and all that kinda stuff, just look around, you might just find what you're looking for!


Then go to--->>> CDnow to get some!!!!

OK, the survey's over- click below to find out the most popular GTA cars!

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Wanna search for your favourite songs, and buy then to play when you're splattering innocent pedestrians (in GTA that is)? Well thats why you have the option of buying from CDNow! Its cheaper and has all the bands in the world- hey, the bottom line is, if u want this page to stay open then ya gonna have to buy somethin from there! OK?

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Downloadz---Mapz---Screenshotz--Highest Scorez

GTA CARZ----Tipz---Submit a highest score



***Look hard in this section, because it holds everything from screensavers to demos...LOOK HARD!!!***

8 bit Demo - 5.5mb
24bit Demo - 9.3mb
3DF/X Demo - 9.3mb
3DF/X Demo with San Andreas - 11.8mb

*Use these at your own risk...I do not take any responsibility for your actions of downloading the below:

RealCars - Gives the cars in GTA their real names - 100kb - A variation on Realcars , except better. - 100kb
GTAFAQ - The unofficial FAQ by ZyNTaX - Takes a RAM dump, effectivly enabling you to save your game. - 115kb
(It might not work with EMM386 enabled)
GTA Trainer v1.2 - Unlimited Ammo/Police Bribe -115kb
ERS GTA Enables all cities and levels - 2kb Enables you to play without the CD (unfortunately it's 8bit only) - 813kb
GTACDCRK.ZIP Cracks for all the .exe files, 8bit, 24 bit, win95 and 3DFX - 32kb

GRAND THEFT AUTO Screensaver - A GTA screensaver! all handguns into Flamethrowers and Rocket Launchers and gives you a tank as your starting vehicle. This crack is for the Liberty City Demo only.

Mission.ini- for all those losers who forgot to backup their Mission.ini file!!! - 42kb-The following zip file contains utilities to convert an .FXT file into a .TXT file, and to create a .FXT file from a .TXT file.

GTA Windows Sound Scheme-Enhances Windows 95 with humourous sounds taken from the game.

GTAed v0.3---The first GTA editor

Secret Missions patch-This adds the secret missions to the demo version of GTA.

Game Wizard 32- Allows you to 'save' your GTA demo games!

M1 GTA Editor- Grafix ed

GTAGFX06i.ZIP - GTA Graphics Editor v0.6i - 166kb


Click on the name of the city you want to see the map for:

Liberty City

Vice City

San Andreas City

Here is a key for those of you who don't understand:

phone.gif (203 bytes)=Phone

bomb.gif (360 bytes)=Bomb shop

spraycan.gif (279 bytes)=Auto repair/repaint shop (that icon is meant to resemble a spraycan)

police.gif (362 bytes)=Police station

redcross.gif (313 bytes)=Hospital

ship.gif (414 bytes)=Dock


Click heregtas.gif (4025 bytes) to go to my GTA Screenshots page!


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My highest score currently stands at: 2,519,505 (I got the full version on 4/21/98). Please fill in your's in the box below . I will post up the highest scores on a table for all to see! Some of u I haven't put in 'cause I know you're bullshitting! If you're desperate to have your name in there, then send me your data filez to prove it!

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