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Here are the Liberty City carz!

lib1.jpg (5200 bytes)

lib2.jpg (6495 bytes)

lib3.jpg (7155 bytes)

Here are the cars featured in San Andreas City:

san1.jpg (6319 bytes)

san2.jpg (7257 bytes)

san3.jpg (6315 bytes)

san4.jpg (4985 bytes)

*Sorry, but I couldn't get the pic of the bus featured here.


Below are the cars you see when in Vice City (some are also seen in San Andreas):

vice1.jpg (8225 bytes)

vice2.jpg (6139 bytes)

vice3.jpg (6622 bytes)

vice4.jpg (5532 bytes)

Here are the special units:

specialcarstrip.jpg (6786 bytes)


This table shows the results of the survey(of "what's your favourite GTA car") held over 2 weeks on my main page.

Rank Name Picture
1st Beast GTS The Beast GTS!
2nd Squad Car Squad Car
3rd Penetrator Penetrator

*There is an other "Penetrator" that features in San Andreas City. You might ask how I knew which Penetrator u were voting for-well, most of u only have the demo, so I guessed that the Penetrator u voted for was the one pictured above.

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